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I don’t know why dudes think they can talk to females any way they please.

I don’t give a fuck where you from my nucca, I will go postal East New York on that ASS. I understand getting to the point & all that, but there’s a way of going about things. & don’t talk to me like I’m one of your nuccas because I’m not. I don’t know you from a hole in a wall. Shakin. My. Head.  The shit they say to get my attention is crazy & think it’s funny at that. Just because I crack a smile, ain’t shit funny; I’m really plotting on kicking you in the face. & just because I’m rocking a Snap-back & a pair of Jay’s doesn’t give you the right to assume that I’m a lesbian, fuckin idiota. & don’t tell me that you would snuff me if I was gay because I’m too “sexy,” to be. Cause now that’s a compliment right, dick head?  If you ask me my name, & I tell you my name, whether it’s my nickname or not, that’s my fucking name. Don’t tell me you refuse to call me that because that makes you feel like you talkin’ to one of your hommies. Then what the fuck am I too you then?!  Look at my face -___________-.

Sounds like a personal problem. It’s my name, that’s what you’re gunna call me. Not “sexy,” not “cutie,” Not nothing but MILLZ. If I give you my government, feel blessed. But if not, don’t press me like I’m supposed to change my mind. Fuckouttahere.

& Don’t assume shit because I’m from Brooklyn. I am very educated. Just please don’t get it misconstrued because I am well aware of my surroundings & I can handle a nucca if I had too. So please, save me w. all the extra shit. 

I’ma cool person. I swear, but sometimes these nuccas out here need to hear it one good time.

I’m not the one.

*Now back to my Gushers*


-Milli fuckin’ Millz.

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